Amistad Senior Medical Clinics, its Physicians and Support Staff all work together to make each visit as easy and convenient for the whole family.

– Senior Care Services include:

– Primary care for adults 65+

– Same Day appointments with medical provider

– Dedicated & Individualized Appointments: Amistad Senior Medical Clinics have Bilingual Staff and Physicians that take the time to visit with every patient in order to ensure there is a clear understanding of the patients medical conditions and treatment.

– Bi-Annual Wellness Visits: wellness visits help keep patients healthier longer.

– Family/Caregiver Support and Resources: Senior care is often a family affair. We work closely with family and Caregivers to provide them with the resources and  support they need.  We know taking care of a loved one can be very stressful and we are here to work together as an additional source of support.

– Referral Coordination Appointments: Specialty/Outside providers appointments are all taken care of for you with ease and convenience. The ongoing continuum of care is very important to us and to our patients overall health goals.Convenient parking

– Transportation: Our Friendly staff helps arrange transportation to and from our clinic as well as transportation assistance to and from specialist visits (for qualifying patients). Additional methods of transportation assistance are also researched such as, Bus Vouchers.